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Lucerne, Demolition & New Construction

Project Overview

We developed a modern commercial building in the charming old town of Lucerne through an architectural competition. Our responsibilities included acquisition, competition program, project development, construction management, and subsequent property leasing on Kapellgasse. The building creates a striking contrast to the historic structures around Kapellplatz and the Peterskapelle, providing an exciting addition to the area.

The project was completed in just 20 months with an investment volume CHF 49 million, and was completed in 2020.


Kapellgasse Commercial Building


Completion Date




Commercial Buildings




Conceptual Design

The design concept is a series of interconnected buildings arranged around a central outdoor plaza, creating a sense of community and providing a shared outdoor space for visitors. The buildings will be designed to maximize natural light and ventilation, and will incorporate green roofs and façade greening to improve air quality and reduce the urban heat island effect. The buildings will be designed to stand out in the urban landscape, creating a visually appealing and memorable experience for visitors.

Design Considerations

The site is located in a historic district, surrounded by other historic buildings with cultural significance. The surrounding area is a mix of residential and commercial, with a high density of foot and vehicular traffic. The site's accessibility to public transportation and parking will be considered in the design.

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