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Investment Opportunity


Rue du Lac 36/38, Place de l’Ancienne Poste 2, Rue des Remparts 20

Executive Summary

Originally built in 1909, the asset is located within a favourable location in the heart of the town centre of Yverdon-les-Bains, at the most frequented shopping avenue Rue du Lac. The asset consists of three buildings, that have been renovated to superior conditions and connected to a mixed-use building ensemble. The complex stretches over  2,900 sqm and includes spaces for office (36%), retail (30%), residential (23%), medical (9%) and storage (1%) usages. Construction has been completed in January 2023. The comprehensive refurbishment included a modernization of the building structure (floor plans, fire life safety, deployment of building reserves and usage conversions) as well as a replacement of the technical building equipment/appliances. The asset is currently 65% leased at an annual net rent of CHF 0.7m. Full stabilization is expected by March 2023 at an annual net rent of CHF 1,077.594 p.a..

Key Figures

Total Area: 2,916 sqm

Net Rental Income (stabilized): CHF 1,077.594 p.a.

Full Stabilization by March 2023

Street View : Place de l’Ancienne Poste 2 / Rue de Lac

Street View : Rue de Lac


Cross Section of Buildings

Front View : Place de l’Ancienne Poste 2


Yverdon-les-Bains is a municipality and district seat in the Jura-Nord Vaudois district of the Swiss canton of Vaud. The town extends along the south-western end of Lake Neuchâtel at the southern foot of the Jura in the central plateau of the northern Vaudois and is an important transport hub. Yverdon is the second largest town in the canton of Vaud with a population of 30.000 residents. It is famous for its thermal springs and is an important regional centre for trade and tourism.

The properties are located in the middle of the town centre at the junction of the shopping street Rue du Lac and Place de l`Ancienne Poste. Various renowned retailers can be found in the direct vicinity here including: Tally Weijl, Charles Vögele, Vero Moda, Swatch, Marionnaud and many others. Yverdon railway station is two minutes’ walking distance away across the Rue des Remparts and ensures a high customer frequency. As part of an agglomeration project the traffic in the centre is to be reduced by means of a system of peripheral roads and improved conditions for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. This involves structural measures including a widening of the tree-lined avenue along the Place d’Armes, with the aim to create a more attractive and direct connection between the old town and the station. The historic centre with its many special buildings is thus better accentuated and the use of the existing areas can be better coordinated within the framework of the project. This will create an attractive city centre with a high quality of stay.

Development Efforts

The project is composed of three properties that have been fully refurbished and connected to a mixed-use building ensemble. The development initiative included a modernization and refurbishment of the building structure, optimization of floor plans as well as a replacement of technical building equipment.

1. Rue du Lac 36 – 38

  • Renovation and refurbishment of the property to “state of the art” standards

  • Replacement of technical building equipment

  • Floor plan optimization of ground floor retail unit to provide a flexible and modern layout

  • Reprogramming building entrance to ensure central access

2. Place de l`Ancienne Poste 2

  • Renovation and refurbishment of the property to “state of the art” standards

  • Optimization of floor plans

  • Installation of a new core in in-situ concrete with a new elevator system

  • Reinforcement of the wooden beam ceilings with wood-concrete composite system

  • Renovation of all roof surfaces with insulation, vapor and water barrier and new roofing

  • Renewal of the facade plaster

  • Replacement of windows and sun protection

  • Complete kitchen installation in the apartments

  • Attic conversion for residential usage

3. Rue de Remparts 20

  • Refurbishment of Façade

  • Commercial spaces and building equipment in state of the art  

Tenancy schedule

Sample Floor Plates

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Zug, January 2023

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